Vetdietolog — app for calculation of balanced diets for dogs and cats

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 Vetdietolog app
Developer and scientific background

Veterinary nutrition — is a veterinary specialty

  • The developer of this application is Anna Lineva (Bratman), DVM, PhD, ECVCN diplomate

  • The last scientific data are used for formulas and other functions of the app, the data is currently updated according to new algorithms and recommendations

  • The app is intended for veterinarians, but also for pet owners and breeders, it is also can be useful in veterinary clinics or educational institutions for veterinarians


Work on the recipe will be quick and comfortable — because all the tools are clear and easy to use

Comfortable start

No download or installation is needed. You can work in browser on laptop, PC or tablet. We recommend using large screens.

Flexible access

You can switch between working places. In office or at home, at traveling or vacation: just log in and get access to your data.

FREE trial or student version

Trial version: 14 days and 5 recipes are free. Student version: if you are starting one of our courses in nutrition of dogs and cats for vets or breeders, you can use a free student full version 1 month.

Account for vet
  • Work in any place: in the clinic, at home or at travelling — your data are available on any device; you need only an internet connection. You can use only one device at the same time for this type of account, but there are no limits for devices.

  • For access to the veterinary functions of the app, please confirm your degree by uploading of your veterinary license or diploma.

Account for hospitals or institutions
  • Multiple accounts for several vets in your clinic(s).

  • Your vets can share their recipes. For sharing option they need to know the Email of the colleague’s account.

  • Can be also used for many vets/students.



Control parameters

Protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber levels, also on dry matter basis, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids etc.


Feeds and supplements

There are already many foods in the database, for homemade diets and commercial diets and supplements



Are already calculated by our users during last year


Flexible pricing

You can use the only functions that you need. All functions are available if the annual fee is paid. For minimal start, it is enough to pay for one module and annual fee. All natural foods for homemade diets are free.

Sets with discounts

There are sets of functions with discounts up to 35% for breeders and vets.

All inclusive option

This option allows to pay for all already existing options and to get the future options inclusive, all you need is to refresh your annual fee. All new functions and databases will appear automatically.

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